Anunnaki Aliens: History and Prophecy You Should Know – Top Secret Writers

March 5th, 2018  / Author: Admin

Top Secret WritersAnunnaki Aliens: History and Prophecy You Should KnowTop Secret WritersThe Anunnaki became caught up in UFO mythology thanks to Zecharia Sitchin (2), an Azerbaijani-born Russian-American who was the author of several books that theorized that those ancient gods were really aliens from the planet Nibiru who arrived on … …read more    

The Russia Probe Has Turned The News Into ‘Ancient Aliens’ – The Federalist

February 24th, 2018  / Author: Admin

The FederalistThe Russia Probe Has Turned The News Into 'Ancient Aliens'The FederalistAncient astronaut experts say, 'Yes!'” These days, the news, especially when covering the Trump administration, has been following this format in troubling ways. The coverage of the Russia investigation is a prime example. There are plenty of juicy and … …read more    

Graphic novel ‘Ancient Astronauts’ overpacks complex story despite beautiful artwork – Daily Californian

February 12th, 2018  / Author: Admin

Daily CalifornianGraphic novel 'Ancient Astronauts' overpacks complex story despite beautiful artworkDaily CalifornianAs the story progresses, the inciting push (the murder of Onys' sister) is forgotten as the ancient astronaut Yulunga leads an expedition to Onys' planet to combat the tracker by getting the warring countries there to calm down a bit. A small aside to … …read more    

Whose voice are we mistaking for that of God’s? – GhanaWeb

February 8th, 2018  / Author: Admin

GhanaWebWhose voice are we mistaking for that of God's?GhanaWebIncidentally, this very idea of the infiniteness of God has even given birth to the belief by ancient astronaut theorists that in many instances where the patriarchs claimed to have encountered God, they might have rather been in communication with His … …read more    

The Rundown: February 6, 2018 – Multiversity Comics (press release)

February 6th, 2018  / Author: Admin

Multiversity Comics (press release)The Rundown: February 6, 2018Multiversity Comics (press release)Contributors include Marguerite Bennett, Jen Bartel, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Tini Howard, Gail Simone, and many, many more. The softcover edition of “Femme Magnifique” will be available Sep. 4. – Black Panel Press announced the release of Kickstarter … …read more